How to Make a Lizard Trap at Home Simply

The first to be prepared is
- a Shaped Bottle
- Knife
- Matches
- Yarn
- 2 Pencil
- 2 Rubber
- 1 Paperclip
-  feed (Bread)

How to make is cut the bottle with a distance of 1/3 of the bottle cap and cut as many as 1/3 of its parts and not to drop out. After the bottle has been cut make 2 holes for inserting a pencil. And then successfully incorporated pencil measure the distance to put the other pencil, after pencil has entered put the rubber between of the pencil.
Then make a small slice at the base of the bottle, and then tie the thread at bottle cap with measuring the distance and make a knot. And the last put bait on the paperclip and insert it into the bottle, trigger the  paperclip through the hole in the bottom of the bottle. trap ready to use.

All this thing will be clear when you look at the video .. enjoy

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